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I am an artists, currently based in Southern California. This is an ongoing visual journal of sorts. I've always done a million things with my time, mostly all of it having to do with the arts and activism. I work in both the visual and performing arts, and I love recording it all with whatever camera I have on hand.

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This is my original work, unless otherwise credited. All rights reserved. The information, images, and data contained in this account are copyrighted by Matt Lara, and may not be modified, published, reproduced, duplicated, copied or stored in whole or in part without my prior written permission.

Welcome to some new followers, and thank you to some of you who regularly like and reblog. You guys are great!

Been off and on the tumblr page for awhile, but it’s nice to post some new stuff. Aiming to keep posting my more professional work done with my DSLR and Leica point-and-shoot. I’ve never shied away from using my iPhone to shoot—I’m a longtime Hipstamatic user, and I’m fully obsessed with VSCOcam—but I want to you guys to see the kind of stuff I like shooting with my Nikon DSLR.

And thanks to everyone who has liked an re-blogged some of the portraits of me that I’ve posted here. I’m still very comfortable in front of the lens, mostly from my modeling and acting background. I believe it’s important to know what both are like.

For some of you who haven’t been to my regular website, check me out at:

Also some of my other work is at:

(my photography website may be getting a makeover soon!)

Questions and feedback are welcome here…as long as you keep it decent. I love having conversations with other artists and creative types. Creativity is just about my favorite thing to talk about, so ask away. Or just tell me what you are working on. What’s your favorite artistic subject? What do you feel are your roadblocks to creativity? What do you struggle with the most? Also, what are your greatest strengths?

Maybe I can take some of these questions and put them into a blog post. Again, just to keep the conversation going.

Anyway, I’m here for you, creatives! Thanks again for checking in.